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Re: The Perils of Rafting On

Originally Posted by MedSailor View Post
NOT dragging rule #1. Always have more than enough scope out BEFORE you need it.

I maintain that not putting out enough scope is the #1 reason most people drag. Sure, there are tight spots where short scope is necessary, but in most cases there is room. What's the real reason NOT to put out 7:1 or 10:1 (with rope) if you can??? Usually there isn't a good reason not to put out a lot of scope. People put out less out of habit I think...

If I put out less than 5:1 with my 3/8 chain, I have to have a mental conversation with myself justifying why I feel it is safe to make an exception.

No doubt many instances of dragging are due to insufficient scope, but I think the argument can also me made that many cruisers often use more scope than necessary, with no added benefit whatsoever... A lot of recent analysis and real-world experience is leaning towards the conclusion that the generally accepted safe minimum of 7:1 is largely a myth...

Peter Smith of Rocna, with help from the work of Alain Fraysee, has demonstrated there is never any point in going with more than 7 or 8:1... Unless it makes one 'feel better', of course :-)

Beth Leonard & Evans Starzinger consider 3:1 or 4:1 to be their "normal" amount of scope, but will go to 5:1 if expecting a blow...

I believe they have the right approach, using an oversized hook that holds well to short scope to begin with, instead of depending on additional scope alone for holding power... Like Steve Dashew, they believe a cruising boat's main anchor should be sized on the assumption that they might have to be used with 3:1 scope, and I think that recommendation is spot on. In crowded anchorages, I think more drama is due to undersized anchors to begin with, than to 'insufficient scope'...
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