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Re: Cat 25

Originally Posted by TakeFive View Post
Displacement hulls have a theoretical maximum speed. More sail power means more speed only until the boat hits its "hull speed." Once at hull speed, any additional power (from more sail area, or greater lift of the existing sail area) will just be wasted. ...
Not exactly. Most modern sailboats, even those considered to be rather "heavy" cruisers, can exceed their hull speed under the right conditions. It is true that as a boat approached its hull speed more and more power is required to accelerate, but the relationship is not vertical. In other words, even at or beyond hull speed a larger power input (be it from you sails or from the motor) will result in an increased speed. The relationship just becomes steeper. I have had my Cal 2-27 going faster than hull speed on many occasions, and even cruisers can sometimes sail for days averaging speeds greater than hull speed.
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