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Ayrodynamics of Sailing

Ahoy,Zach W. th answer is as simple as that you cannot always get the boat to go where you want by just adjusting sail. You may have to tack and change course constantly to make progress over the ground(bottom) to the place you want to go . I agree with the other posters there are many fine books available on the subject nut just doing it in a small boat can teach the basics book or not. Be carefull about the thinking anology of the airplane wing though similar there is little resemblence between flight and sailing. The physics and the dynamics of movement are totally different. Sail trim is only the fine tunning of machine and windf and wave and geography . Many variables ,and there are even more than I mentioned like nude 1st mates , rum, slippery decks eyc. Good Luck Big Red the Pirate of Pine Island
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