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Re: A philosophical divide?

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
Bingo. I mean, who the hell wants to do maintenance? Really. That's just sad.

You either own a sailboat to sail it. Or you own a sailboat to show off your ability to maintain a sailboat. I totally don't understand the latter group.
I guess I have done a lot of "maintenance" over the years. I have done a lot of sailing, too. Some of the maintenance is tedious stuff. I don't enjoy that stuff. My current boat needs to be re gelcoated. I don't varnish the teak. I like it natural (less maintenance). I installed the current engine and am comfortable knowing I can take care of any problems it might have (important maintenance). I installed the electronics and enjoy the same comfort there. I could go on... To suggest I do that to show off my abilities is pure "Smack Talk"! If that were true, everything I do would be motivated by ego and not personal enjoyment.

I fly fish. I tie my own flies because I enjoy doing it. I race canoes. I build my own canoes to race because I enjoy doing it. ..........!

I couldn't care less what anyone thinks about my talents or abilities anymore. I am happily retired! Ha! I have won some sailboat races, too. I enjoy it. I enjoy setting the anchor correctly. I enjoy accurately plotting a course. I enjoy trimming the sails well. Etc. I sure as hell don't do any of it to impress some less competent , or more competent fellow anywhere, with my skill level. I enjoy "problem solving". A successful cruise is successful problem solving. Lots of it and I enjoy it. Owning a sailboat is all of that for me.

I crew from time to time on one of the IODs here on Mt. Desert Island. It is fun but not as much fun as my own boat with all its "maintenance". It is just sailing. Fun sailing for sure but after crossing the finish line and putting the boat back on its mooring it is over. No connection beyond the very limited experience of doing it a little better tomorrow. I guess that is why I don't spend time playing golf.


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