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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by Brent Swain View Post
...stronger ,uglier , and useless...

Originally Posted by Brent Swain View Post
The difference between mine and the yachty kind is ounces, about the weight of a couple of loonies in your pocket, or the big mac some have for breakfast; insignificant, and irrelevant. Lose a pound, and you would save more weight on deck.
Anyone who has done more than day sailing, knows that the shiny one doesn't stay that shiny for long , just long enough to get a sucker to pay for it. As I pointed out ,anyone could make one of mine just as shiny as the one you show, for a couple of bucks. They could even make mine out of stainless, and expect it to shine just as long, and functionally, be the same, for a lot less than $98.
My blocks, shown in the pictures, are 29 years old. How would the steel ones you show, look after 29 years of mostly full time cruising, and many Pacific crossings? Even the stainless one you show wouldn't be so shiny anymore.
Okay, let's see you do it. Surely you've got $2 and 20 minutes to spare in your busy schedule between ice creams.

Here's the deal: I'll personally pay you $11 (plus shipping) for one of your home-made jobbies IF it's anywhere near the same look, strength, and specs as the following Garhauer model (just post the pic when you've got it ready):

Single Blocks with Adjustable Shackle
25-13 US - Stainless Steel Blocks
length: 4-1/4 width: 2
weight: 5 oz shackle: 3/16
sheave diameter: 1-3/4

Comes with set screw to make it fixed shackle. Safe working load is 1150 lbs.

That's a HUGE profit over your $2 cost, gives you roughly a $33/hr wage (a big help to your ice cream kitty), and I'm STILL saving good money. Win/Win. Then I'll order the Gerhauer as well, tie them both to a tree and see what happens when I crank on them with my Jeep.

Whaddayasay Brent? Let's do this!

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