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Re: Planning a trip up the East River, Timing?

Originally Posted by Yamsailor View Post
I have always used the rule of being at the battery at Dead Low. This usually gives me the max push through the gate.
Guys let's take an example.

On 9/15/2013, Slack at the Brooklyn Bridge is at 00:18, Max Flood is at 03:50;

On 9/15/2013, Max Flood in Hell Gate is at 05:30 with Slack (at High) being at 07:57.

Are you telling me if you leave the Battery at 00:00 on 9/15/2013, you will get a foul (i.e. Ebb) current before you exit into Long Island Sound? With a flood current it takes at most 2.5 hours to transit from the Battery to the entrance of LIS.
1 Day Ago 12:41 PM

Yam, I think we're talking apples and oranges.

Using your example Low Tide at the battery on 9/14 ocurs @ 11:12 p.m.

The timing that you are proposing above ( leaving the battery 45 minutes after low tide) will put you in the vicinity of the gate at slack ( low) See my earlier post.

Your 1st post, said that leaving the battery at dead low, ( I assumed you meant tide) gives one the max push through the gate. It doesn't.

The max push through the gate.. at the gate.. occurs between 4 and 5 hours after low tide at the battery.

The timing you are proposing puts you in the gate arounds slack.

If you left the battery at " dead low" you'd actually buck some current as you proceed up river.

Two different scenarios.. There are reasons to want to hit it at slack, but if you want a nice push up the river..the general rule of thumb ( 2 hours after low tide ) works well. But you can arrive 3 hours later, 4 hours later..and still get a nice ride. Or you can do as you're suggesting leave 45 minutes after low and hit the gate at slack.

Leaving exactly at low...fits into neither strategy.

It seems that the timing you use is designed around putting you at the gate at slack. That's fine, but it's not the " Max Push" . That's all I'm saying.

If we had big power boats..we wouldn't sweat these details.. we could sleep till noon leave when we want.. ;-)

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