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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by Brent Swain View Post
Where do I send the Brent block ( as soon as the money arrives) How do I know $11 will cover the shipping?
I have a life beyond the internet( unlike some) I am cruising ( you know, the stuff this site talks about, but few actually do most of the time, while telling those who do, that we have it all wrong)
Sweet! So we're on!

First, though - you really do need work on your math. I said $11 plus shipping. That means that the shipping is in addition to the the $11 that is for the block. See? No.

Ahm, how about this...

Block: $11
Shipping: X
Total: $11 + X
X is the variable that you will provide when you have it. Then we can complete the equation.

Now do you see? No.

Man, this is hard. Screw it...

Just give me your mailing address and I'll immediately send you USD $11 (cash money) to pre-pay your BrentBlock that will be equivalent to/better than the Garhauer, then whatever else you need for shipping said BrentBlock (you can just post the cost of the shipping here when you get it - just make sure it's the cheap option) I'll send that to you as well. Then you can send me the block (I will obviously assume all the risk in the transaction).

We'll document the whole thing here so it's on the up-and-up. So make sure to ask one of your many friends to video you while you make this block to confirm the "$2/20-minute" promise. That will be awesome. AND you can use it for marketing your blocks!

Let's do it, bro!

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