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Re: Aspect 40

Originally Posted by Mr W View Post
Now this is really creapy! I was actually going to post about the B&R 38 a few days ago, but I just haven´t gotten around to post about it yet!

In the mid 90s this boat was way ahead of it´s time in many perspectives and has some similarities with some of the modern boats discussed here. The guy who owns this boat (which is the only one built) is Jimmy, who also owns Airbender, an Admiralty 30 which I think you posted a video of earlier (also video from hamnen). He bought the B&R for this season and has been upgrading it during the winter.

This boat is very fast, it weighs only 3,300kg (was actually supposed to weigh 2,600kg), so the Aspect 40 has 33% more weight.

They were keeping up with the Aspect during this test sail with about 7,5 knots boatspeed upwind. They also did some downwind sailing and they were doing about the same speed as the Aspect, up to 11 knots in these light conditions. I guess it´s fair to say that both boats are fast!

In the first regatta of the year last weekend, both these boats attended. The Aspect actually beat the B&R with 02h13m18s vs 02h22m24s (not corrected) (, see start 6).

As for being as wide as the JPK (almost), that probably only applies to maximum beam. The B&R is only 2,26m at the waterline:

If I think of some more well designed swedish boats, I will try to post about them before you do

Kind regards,
Mr W
Earlier in this thread the Swedish Pac-Man boat, which was designed and sold very probably before its time, was discussed. It won recently a big sail competition in Sweden, Hyundai Cup in Nynäshamn near Stockholm, before an Arcona 430 and Aspect 40 which created a heated discussion regarding given handicap . it was though good conditions with a lot of wind for the bigger boats and possible to do the down wind leg with gennaker.

First price a brand new Hyundai I20 car - rather nice.


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