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Re: M-20 Scow - Help identify part

Originally Posted by snow-dude View Post
Thanks Faster, 14432 and Overdrive! We ran out of sunlight this evening, so stepping the mast will be delayed until tomorrow. Agreed that the bar attaches to a bracket on the mast...but I'm not seeing any lines to move the "mast ram" or whatever the part is called. I'll update the thread with photos once the mast is stepped.

Yes Overdrive. More rigging then I thought possible Spent 30 mins this evening tracing lines and I'm still dizzy.

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It's been 4-5 years since I rigged mine, and since I haven't sailed in a couple years, I'm a little fuzzy myself. I went out there tonight to take a look, and I don't see a real obvious place to connect the lines to the mast ram either. :S

(I'm still not sure that it's called a mast ram, but that seems about as good a name as any, so I'll use it. )

That said, I know I rigged it myself several years back, so it's definitely doable. And I know where the lines come out, and how you use them to control the mast ram. You should have two lines that connect from the bottom of the mast ram and run through the channel in the cockpit sole. The lines then come out on the foreward side of the bulkhead, where they're cleated. The way mine is rigged, tightening the port-side line moves the mast ram foreward, while tightening the starboard side moves the mast ram aft. (When adjusting the ram, you obviously first need to give it slack in the opposite direction, so if you intend to tighten the port-side, you need to loosen the starboard-side line)

As I mentioned earlier, I couldn't see where the lines connect underneath the mast ram, but as I recall, I had to lay down on the cockpit sole and crawl foreward until I was under the mast ram area. I believe there was a cutout in the channel on the port side where I could reach in to connect the lines. Like I said, that part is from memory, so your mileage may vary, but it will hopefully get you pointed in the right direction.

I took a quick picture to help illustrate where the lines come out into the cockpit. The picture is facing the stern, so you're looking at the forward side of the bulkhead. You can see where the green and white lines cleated to the bulkhead enter the channel in the cockpit sole and run foreward. The real trick is figuring out how they come out of that channel and connect to the underside of the mast ram, but hopefully this will get you started.

I hope that helps!

P.S: I'm not sure how much help it will be if the mast ram isn't held fast by the lines, but as I recall, when you're stepping the mast, once you have the mast in place, the mast ram was the first piece of equipment I fastened, even before attaching the stays. That's because the mast is tall enough and was likely to sway strongly enough that attaching the mast ram really helped to stabilize it a bit while working on the stays. If you're using a hoist of some sort for the mast, this won't be as big of an issue, but I frequently did it by hand with the help of a friend, so it was helpful to get that mast ram attached first.

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