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Re: M-20 Scow - Help identify part

Originally Posted by snow-dude View Post

Great shot! Thanks! I was ready for bed when I read your post but couldn't wait to out to the boat in my pj's My photo is looking aft at the bulkhead. Unfortunately I have no lines exiting the center channel. The green lines you see go to the backstay. I do have an 8" round port on the port side of the "mast bulkhead"'s about 12 inches forward the mast ram. I'll grab a flashlight and camera and crawl to the stern tomorrow. Pics to follow.

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Huh - it looks like our boats may be rigged slightly differently. I assume the lines that lead to your backstay are cleated on the seat? Mine is similarly rigged, but instead of coming through the bulkhead and cleating forward of the bulkhead, they come up the aft side of the bulkhead and cleat on the seat area. This allows for the mast ram lines to be cleated on the foreward side of the bulkhead. I'll try to get more pictures tonight to illustrate.

Since you don't have any lines that can come out of that center channel you might need to install two cleats under the mast somewhere that will hold your mast ram lines. On my M-20, I already have two lines that cleat in that general area, though, so it might be fairly tightly clustered if yours is rigged similarly. (I have a separate jib stay and forestay, both of which can be tensioned by lines that come out from under the starboard bow.

My boat is tarped right now, so my pictures have been limited. But it might help if I just take the tarp off and take several pictures of where all my lines go. It'll be a lot of pictures since the M-20 has a ton of rigging. But that would give you something to use as a reference when trying to figure out how everything is rigged. It looks like our boats will be rigged slightly differently anyway, but a reference may still help...


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