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Re: America's Cup opening races

What I don't like about the AC 34 is the fact Ellison made it so expensive to participate it took competitors, that would have normally considered entering, out of the game.


I loved the 12s. The Js are breathtaking. But I understand the idea of getting the rest of the world interested in the America's Cup. Before the first American loss, the Cup was hardly a blip on the sports scene. And for a while, its fan base and press coverage jumped after that loss. But then it dropped again. So I get Ellison trying to stir up a fan base but there are so many obstacles in accomplishing this.

In an attempt to increase the fan base, golf introduced "stadium golf" where one or more holes on a course were surrounded with stands and the typically quiet crowd was allowed to cheer, hoot and holler. A lot of golf fans hated this, but it's still here, though used sparingly.

But stadium sailing won't work. Will they try to build stands on the Golden Gate Bridge? I can't see how they could get the fans closer unless they set up a floating stadium. Think of all the problems that would introduce.

But I agree, sailing terminology needs to be well explained or you'll lose the non-sailors quickly. To their credit, NBC did have some text boxes pop up but there was no way they could have done that for all the sailing terminology used by the announcers during the race, and still allow the viewer time to watch the race.

I think this will be a one and done for the AC 72s. But if the boats used in the next Cup can't amaze the fans in some other way, the new fans will walk. And if Oracle keeps losing decisively, the new fans will start vanishing before the series is over.
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