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Re: AC 34 - What If?

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post

I'm just not buying that no one else knew. Why would lower ranking crew members mess with balance and not want the helmsman or skipper to know? I think it's just cover for why they didn't ban the entire team, which would therefore eliminate the Cup race entirely and many innocent bystanders (San Fransisco, NBC, vendors, etc) would have suffered.
I agree, odds are there were higher-ups who knew and the named team members were just thrown out as an attempt to sacrifice a few so the team could carry on. But the problem I have is that the Jury decision offered no evidence anyone else was involved. They should therefore rule only on the evidence at hand. Suspicions have no place in making their decision.

If the Jury felt strongly enough that there were higher-ups who knew, they should have said so. (They kept mentioning in the decision no one seemed to know who removed the weights, and it appeared that really bothered them.) And if they felt that for the good of the sport the Cup Match needs to carry on, they could have said that too and, IMHO, that would be a pretty stand up thing to do. Don't punish the innocents.

But I really have a tough time believing Ellison had prior knowledge about the infraction. I can't believe anyone would risk hundreds of millions of dollars AND their reputation just to win some World Series matches. And then I have to ask myself just how far down the ladder does one have to be where the risk-reward balance out enough to justify the action?
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