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Re: Home schooling for Cruisers

The real lesson of my prior post was that society has put a huge burden on parents by implying that only professional teachers can do the job and that it can only be done one way. I've got nothing against teachers, my father was one. My daughter is one and she was home schooled except for one semester of high-school and her senior year of high-school.

It is a big scary responsibility. It is now the norm to pass it off to society. It is always the parents responsibility no matter what, but for homeschoolers it is more obvious.

As someone who is 10+ years past that stage based on seeing dozens of children being raised in radically different ways I'm pretty sure our schooling choices have much less impact on most children than we would typically expect.

In other words, chill, have fun and play it by ear.

If you have a kid like my daughter who was reading the complete works of Shakespeare the third time by age 11 and snickering in the corner over the randy parts you will have a different experience than with my son who could build anything out of Lego's and delighted in making rubber-band boobie traps all over the house and playing forts in the swamp next door. But didn't want to read until very late.

The biggest advantage I see for home schooling is the opportunity for the parent to tailor the day to the child. If the child is ahead in some skills either reading, math, welding, machine repair, carpentry or behind in some skills, traditional school can be very damaging.

It is very hard for a teacher to keep children from being either bored or lost and frustrated when they have so many to care for and limited time and state enforced tests to cram for.

Homeschooling while anything but easy can actually be easier in some circumstances with some children.

But like I said before it is definitely not for everyone.

The lesson from the Icarus story is not about human failing.
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