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Re: Is Sailing Sexist?

Originally Posted by Omatako View Post
My wife and I have sailed together for 4 decades. We have attended sailing schools over the years but never on the same course. The reason is simply we have different motives.

For example, I wanted to learn the finer points of celestial navigation (long before the wonders of GPS), she just wanted to learn the meaning of lights so that she would be more confident on a night watch. So we would go to the same school, different course. I would do an diesel engine course, she would do a cooking or victualing course. Is that gender discriminatory? No, I don't believe it is. We concentrate on what we're good at.

I don't subscribe to gender specific courses but I do support couples not being on the same course. Watching a stranger on a course shouting at my wife would be something to behold.
I agree with everything you are saying and it is how my wife and I split up classes. We then try to exchange the information so we can both have knowledge in the area if the other is indisposed. We also both take core courses as some info we both need.

Then there is the problem of watching someone yell at their own wife (or husband in a class). I teach many classes and one of the most consistent pieces of negative feedback has been when a couple has been enrolled and one or the other (or both) bickered at each other, or corrected each other constantly. My point is that couples often don't perceive how their interaction affects others, especially in the context of a instructional setting for the other students. I have had many students pull me aside, or put in formal feedback that the class would have been much more enjoyable if it wasn't for "that opinionated jerk" or that "nagging spouse". Of course I will mention that EVERYONE in this thread that has stated they have a great time taking classes with their SO would never do this so I am talking about others here! Just making a point that sometimes what we are used to as everyday interactions between SOs, is not always appropriate in a classroom setting. Sorry for the rant, but if you have seen this as the teacher it is hard to get folks to recognize it happening. For the record, it also seems most common that younger folks are more offended at the relationship behavior of older couples and that is again a generational thing.

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