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Re: series drogue or para anchor?

Originally Posted by johnnyandjebus View Post
Hello all

A question about using Amstel. It is my understanding that 3 strand or braid is used for the JSD because it stretches, adding to the dampening effect. Amstel doesn't stretch, is this a negative? I have zero experience with the JSD and like the idea of using amstel, just curious about it's effect on the JSD functionality.

That's the beauty of the series drogue, not being a single-point drogue, it doesn't rely on stretch in the rode to achieve its 'bungee effect'...

The extreme cyclic loads on the rode of a drogue could present problems for nylon, as well. As Evans Starzinger explains:


The primary reason such a high percentage of para-anchor rodes break in actual use (perhaps 80% of para-anchors deployed in extreme conditions have broken their rodes) is nylon’s extreme vulnerability to chafe and internal heat damage. The US Coast Guard and New England Ropes both have extensive experience with nylon failure due to internal heat generated by cyclic loading and recommend Dacron as a better alternative for a para-anchor application. Dacron, while not as stretchy as nylon, is an excellent shock absorber in these 100-600' lengths. However, from a practical standpoint, most people do not have a dedicated rode for their para-anchor and use a spare anchor rode, which is typically nylon. But we must all be aware that nylon has proven to be very vulnerable to failure in this application.

Seamanship FAQ.
Many voyagers are using Spectra for their series drogues. Steve Dashew uses Amsteel for his on WINDHORSE:

In addition to Amsteel being so much lighter and more easily stowed, and being FAR easier to splice than a double braid, is the utility of such a drogue being pressed into service as a shore line. As such, the fact that Amsteel floats is highly beneficial for such a purpose...
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