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Re: interesting perfromance cruiser

Originally Posted by JAndersB View Post
Hi all,

The back ground of a typical customer, at least up here. This size class I think is the mostly sold today in the Nordic countries:
Someone interested in a boat around 35-38 foot (absolutely not over 12 m), absolutely under 3,99 m wide, preferably 3,75 m.
With this preferable beam how could any of the Luffes fit in this taste trend? Are they bound to become extinct or as you said in a previous post they will count on a fewer remaining nostalgic customers.
Do you think that the wider beam trend in the recent decades has something to do (apart from the accommodations benefits) with lack of wish to sail to windward instead of motoring? Paulo I would appreciate your input on that. Do majority of cruisers in the Med use their engine instead of beating?

P.S. When I visited both Kolding marinas on that weekend (and also some others) it struck me: 1. 90% were sailboats (unlike in my region, the Black Sea and some parts of the Med I have visited, where motorboats prevail); 2. The average size was even less than the one you indicated (in my region I believe the average counts to 39-43 feet).; 3. I guess the average beam was 3.00 (if I am not mistaken) much less than the coveted one in your opinion. Well, it is also true that in the few marinas I visited in Jurland, Denmark, most of the boats were 10or much more years old,therefore no modern designs were on the float.
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