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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by outbound View Post
Think no one can reasonably argue the benefits of steel as regards impact resistance. Issue for me is after spending 35+ years putting money aside to be able to "live the dream" is that the kind of boat I want to live on. I'm in the fairly common group who due to responsibilities to career/family/ others could not feel good about myself until I knew others dependent on me were settled. Hearing about Bob clients I think I don't have their resources. I'm I envious? No, I delight in seeing what works of art they are able tohelp create. After being knocked around I don't think I could deal with this discomforts BrentBoats imply and I know my wife would not. We like running the Webasto at night and the air during the day. We like being able to handle the boat effortlessly in any weather. The power winches are a dream as are the reefing systems. I enjoy a long hot shower coming off watch. I enjoy gourmet food self cooked and eating it while listening to Pachelbel. None of us are forced to live on a boat. To be able to do it with grace and beauty is a joy. There is a French couple in my marina. They have three children. One was borne on the boat. They are a delight. They live a minimalist lifestyle. They are fun to be with and I think they enjoy our company as well. We treat each others as equals although they clearly are much more experienced sailors whereas we have the various initials after our name some mistake for wisdom. If Brent realized by being less judgmental his life would improve and his wisdom would be shared to a greater extent this forum would be more helpful to us all.
Remain interested in seeing any performance data Brent make wish to share e.g. polars, basic statistics etc.
My life is absolutely wonderful, as good as it can get.. I only offer what decades of cruising, building steel cruising boats, and living aboard full time has taught me. If some one would rather get their advice from someone with no liveaboard, boatbuilding or long term cruising experience ,who advocates relying on "Cosmic Karma" , rather than personal building and cruising experience, then let them go ahead. I'd rather not deal with that kind of thinking.
One thing my clients have consistently told me is that their well insulated ,leak proof steel boat is the most comfortable dwelling they have ever lived in.

The topic "pros and cons of steel sailboats" cant be discussed well, without making comparisons with the alternative to steel, which is mainly plastic. This includes listing all the advantages of steel over plastic . Cant do that, without sounding negative on plastic.

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