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Re: Is Sailing Sexist?

Originally Posted by outbound View Post
Spend part of my professional life reading stuff like:
If you record eye movements of males and females looking at the same picture they are different. If you record fMRI of m/f doing a task they are different. Of course their is overlap in the response curves but their is a biologic difference which transcends culture. This is a wonderful thing. I'll look at something and be confounded. She sees right off.Opposite happens too. What makes me POd is for either sex to not value and accept this difference.
Thats great, its like you are saying we are 2 different species. Fascinating but what does it get you when some one has to go forward in 20 knot wind and change a head sail or pull up a stuck anchor? I mean its not rocket science. Some one steers and some one works up front. Both people need to know what they are doing, and what the other person is doing. If your MRI could tell us something practical I'd be interested. Not picking on you, just pointing out what we are dealing with....
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