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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats


You made the following statement:

"a marina queen like most of Bobs rarely leaving the dock except for a two week summer vacation and the odd weekend cruise. Then back to work to pay for it all.
Those guys have all headed back to work from here leaving paradise free and empty for those of us who live more resourcefully .
I am a demonstration of how freely one can cruise, semi retired since my mid 20s, by following my own advice".................

Just suppose, all those guys owning marina queens, with occasional crusing vacation, and then back to work, chose for themselves the life style that they have, just as you have yours. I'm just guessing that most of them wouldn't give up their life style for one like yours. And, it could be that their chosen life style gives them lots of rewards that yours can't provide.

There is more than one way to live a successful, rewarding life. Most people select a route different than you have chosen. Yours may be fine for you, but it's not, nor should it be everyone's choice.
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