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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by bljones View Post
Y'know, having said all of this, it ain't all a Bob or Brent kinda world.
Get out there. Make like Nike, and "Just do it." If that means you call up Bob and commission a new design and cut a big-ass cheque, cool- more power to you. if that means that you clear a corner of your drive shed and order up some sheet and a crapload of rod for your welder and go to town- more power to you.

Or if that means you find a boat that suits you, does what you need when you need it and fits your refit fitness, then... more power to you.

But do something.
Life ain't waiting.
Great point. The OP (remember way back?) was one of those that had already been out there doing it and was curious for practical reasons about steel which he had no experience. Brent Swain was a great proponent for its advantages but has been killing his own argument by attacking literally all that do not agree completely with his opinion. Getting into it with Bob just takes it into the land of ridiculous. It seems like someone going after Les Paul for not having enough experience with guitars.

It is starting to look like a certain anchor thread from way back that involved another individual that drew fire on themselves by having a similar attitude about their products vs everyone else. Sadly it really is a great subject.

Smack, that post has to be one of the best quote collections I have ever seen. Incredible. Be careful or you will end up the sailnet historian.
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