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Re: French aluminum centerboarders

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Welcome to the thread!

I have an idea LOL. Aluminiun French centerboarders were born as voyage boats and a voyage boat sooner or later will get bad weather. Yes, all of them can take bad weather and many have endured storms.

May I recall you that one of the most famous voyagers, Jimmy Cornell after several circumnavigations with different types of boats had choose as is final perfect voyage boat a French aluminium centerboarder? A OVNI 435. Now Cornell is even more impressed with Allures that in my opinion are a step ahead of traditional OVNI even if OVNI has now a different kind of centerboard that I know not well but looks promising.

That does not mean that this type of boat is the only suited to voyage but certainly it is one of them and the one favored by the French that have a huge variety of boats to choose.

Here you have a movie of one enduring 70K at port in the Arctic (I would hate to have my boat on those conditions) and some sailing with heavy wind even if not in storm conditions.


Hi Guys,

In Spain and first chance to look at interesting sailboats in 4 weeks. Sorry I will not be able to write a lot about how our new French centerboard Boreal 44 is doing but a quick note. Gurnsey to Brittany on first major sea trial. Bean reach 30 to 35 knots from west 3 knots of current from east. Typical lousy English channel day. Waves standing and breaking 3 to 4 meters just a messy day. RC LOUISE sailed perfectly with one reef in Genoa and one in main. I swear not one pooping a few bits of spray every few hours. We made lunch below in the worst of the weather ate in the cockpit, no sea sickness.

North coast of Spain with trough over Spain and Portugal, Azore high off the coast, Paulo and others know this one lousy crazy weather. 30 plus knots dead down wind, no other way of doing it. Seas 4 meters plus after an hour of 3 to 4 meters. Up the centerboard and just used the main, I have never been able to do that with any cutter rig in my 40 plus years sailing around the globe. We had lunch again in cockpit never once even thought that we would round up while surfing. Speed 6 knots at very top of climb and surfed between 9.2 and 11.2 knots totally under control.

All these French boats handle this way granted some better than other but all well. We think we did the best after talking with many of owners of the other makes, they would agree also. We feel confident in big seas over 5 meter but we will have to wait till we cross the pond later hopefully we don't have to see big seas I'm too old now for that size sea.

Jimmy Cornell we have heard asked for a Boreal and Boreal laughed their ass off at him. I love the French serious sailors.

I'll post more the good and the bad about our new Boreal. Their is not much bad just French culture built into the boat that makes it hard for most non French but again nothing serious.


Steve and Tracy.

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