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Re: Cost to Replace Chainplates? Should I Walk Away?

Congrats on your potential escape from a money pit.

I have read this post from the beginning as one of the boats I am looking at needing work... I suspect the owner wants to sell because of the $7,000 quote he got from the yard... this person is the type of person who is "beyond working on his own boat" , so ultimately it may benefit me.

But back on point, I can understand the attraction to titanium, but lets looks at a couple of issues not hit on;

1) chainplates rarely fail due to "rust through"...

2) if you do have rust on a chainplate, it shows you have a leak somewhere that you may not readily show up on a non rusting titanium chainplate.

3) titanium CAN FAIL - anything and everything man-made can and probably will fail at some point.

4) the idea that you can install titanium chainplates "and NEVER have to look at them again" is idiotic... at best you won't be replacing them any time soon. No sealant that you use to embed the caps to the deck will last "forever", not even butyl tape.

5) unless you have titanium caps made, your old stainless ones will rust while you ignore your chainplates.

6) how long do you plan on owning this boat?

Stainless chainplates have been in use for some time, easy to get, easy to make at almost any quality metal fabrication shop in the world.

Titanium has a "cool" factor and is expensive to tool, but may be hard to get in the middle of nowhere at a reasonable cost when your indistructable chainplates fails because you never looked at them again...

The idea of considering anything "maintenance free" is a scary thought when talking about a sailboat maybe 1,000 miles from any land...
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