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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by Brent Swain View Post
I was going to send Smack one of my blocks, until someone on another site pointed out how he could easily manipulate the results, to say whatever he wanted them to say. Given I his track record of misrepresentation, manipulation, deception and lying, it would inevitably be the case.
I did a search under Garhaur. I saw a single block for $21. Was that the $25 block Smack wanted to test mine against? I asked him to post a picture of the block he has in mind , but he wouldn't . It is rated at safe working load of 1150 lbs, a fraction the strength of a loop of half inch line over it. The becket on my block, at 45,000 psi for aluminium, is over 16,000 lbs breaking strength. How would that compare to the 3/16th shackle on the block that Smack proposes as stronger, or the tiny amount of stainless around the threaded end of the shackle pin? I am willing to do the test myself in front of witnesses , and post the video of it this winter , without Smack's manipulations and deceptions .. No problem.
Nah, Sully over at Stuff has already agreed to officiate.

So make your block that will be "just as good" as the Garhauer (not just stronger - a crane block is stronger than your block after all, and still useless on a boat as you said)

Originally Posted by Brent Swain View Post
...stronger ,uglier , and useless...
Provide Sully a video that proves you made it in 20 minutes and for $2 (actually, let's up that to $4 since it's stainless and I'm a very fair guy) along with your block. He'll weight it, look at the difference it construction quality, look at the difference in functionality - then go all NASA on both of them with a truck and a tree.

Here was the original challenge and specs:


Here's the deal: I'll personally pay you $11 (plus shipping) for one of your home-made jobbies IF it's anywhere near the same look, strength, and specs as the following Garhauer model (just post the pic when you've got it ready):

Single Blocks with Adjustable Shackle
25-13 US - Stainless Steel Blocks
length: 4-1/4 width: 2
weight: 5 oz shackle: 3/16
sheave diameter: 1-3/4

Comes with set screw to make it fixed shackle. Safe working load is 1150 lbs.


Note the nice smooth bearings. Don't forget those in your version.

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