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Re: Tartan(s), Sabre, Pearson(s), C&C(s), Catalina(s) - "Chesapeake Draft"

Didn't mean to leave the impression I've necked down to only Pearson's....but looking for some Pearson-related feedback.

I've been away for awhile, vacation and getting back to work has been bustin' my butt..... I'm leaning to staying with Pearson since they are a good quality and price compromise........but still looking and considering many. Still considering Sabre 34 MKI's but price is questionable. Tartan's, love them but, too expensive I think.

. I have my eyes on a couple of Pearson's that may still be too far outside the budget, but that said, input on the following would be a great help.

So, regarding Pearson's.....The 33-2, nice boat. Has a CB on the one I'd be interested in, but note maintenance on CBs, but still like the CB for the draft. Problem: the ones I'm finding are no where local (see cost issues under P-34 next,

P-34 (1983-1986) CB still is my favorite, even if she has a not so great looking rear end.....hey, I like a nice rear on boats and women The boat overall, it just looks bigger, and has such a great cockpit (huge), seems that it would be comfortable when you have folks onboard. It's the "older deckhouse look, not as sleek, but a roomy deck too.

Problem......P-34 CBs are in Michigan and Texas (what I've found)..requires transport to Maryland and that's probably up around $5k or so added to the price, not to mention on site (airplane ride) inspection and survey. P33-2's are not so far, but still have extra costs.

These boats are in the $30's, and with added costs, might be too high for me to make it.

P31-2 has come into the mix a bit more. It's basically, when you look at it's layout, size and specs, a smaller P-34 (1983-86) with a narrower rear end.

Wing keel is only shallow option, fin is 5'8", so it's more than I probably want (would like it, but the draft issue does play big role).

Finding more 31-2's that might be in more affordable ranges.

What's the consensus on the P31-2? with wing keel. Understand they can have wet deck issues, and to look for hull to keel joint issues. Overall, a good boat (it is a Pearson, so I'm thinking yes)? Seen some say the price with 33-2 and 31-2 are close, so go bigger....couldn't agree more, but if I can get a good 31-2 for less, what's the group think

31-2, 33-2, P-34 (1983-1986) owners and experience with these.....chime in alot please!



Best Regards, Rob
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