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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
Hey - I never had any credibility to begin with! THAT is the funniest part.

There is one basic difference at the bottom of this whole "tinkling sesh"...Bob Perry doesn't "force" his views down people's throats...insulting them simply for thinking something different.

Just follow this thing back to the beginning in the Wolfenzee thread and you'll see where Brent started in on Bob...and never let up. To expect Bob not to respond to insults like that is ridiculous.

Let me just put it this way...Brent has been banished from virtually every web forum he's ever been on for exactly the same behavior you've seen here. Bob hasn't.

Do the math.
The first disagreement I had with Bob was when he stated that any sailboat with a wheelhouse was a motor sailer even those without a motor of any kind.
The first one on this site was when he attacked Jeff for suggesting an outboard rudder , and proposed something inboard, far less structurally sound and simple , complicating the hell out of self steering.
One of the reasons I was banned from cruisers forums was for telling people that they are under no legal obligation in Canada to open the hatch for any water cop coming alongside . On that site, advocating sucking up to those who violate your civil rights is permitted , telling people what their right are is considered too political . Right wing posts are encouraged and not considered political . It's a cop and cop wanabe site. When a moderator, who doesn't cruise the BC coast, and doesn't even live here, started giving false information about cruising the BC coast in winter , something I have been doing for over 40 years, I corrected his disinformation ,which didn't make me popular. The contempt of A-holes is the sincerest form of flattery. I wasn't going to let any cruiser suffer the cost of disinformation , in winter.
Bob, to his credit, was also banned from that site. Smack lies again( and again and again, etc. etc.)
Cruisers are being screwed up all too often by disinformation (much from inexperienced arm chair experts like Smack)
No, I don't feel guilty about correcting it, and defending the interests of cruisers.
Bob said my boats are ugly and lumpy. Anyone can check out the origamiboats site, and the photos section, and see some of the best looking steel cruising boats anywhere, fair as any, from bare steel to finished, no filler necessary, quickly proving Bob's comments a deliberate lie .
So from that point on, why would anyone believe anything else he has to say?
The 50 thru hulls on a Beneteau was typo on my part. Bob is no stranger to typos . Anyone can cheaply buy one of the white plastic thru hulls, hit it with a hammer, to check out the point I make. The only other two I have been banned from, by the same person, in the same day , was a moderator advocating such flimsy plastic thru hulls or complex mild steel ones impossible to maintain, , when I pointed out that stainless
pipe nipples welded in have given me no problems for decades and dozens of boats . I was told the reason for me being banned was for disagreeing with people. No one was banned for disagreeing with me. Friends who checked out that site said, they saw absolutely nothing which would remotely justify me being banned on either of those sites. Subsequently I was invited by Sully to participate in his site, due to my posts(
Banned from three, by ego maniac moderators is not banned from all. I have participated on many others, I just got invited, by the owner, to participate on ,an interesting site, which has gone viral.
On, Smack lies again ( and again and again and again) So why would anyone keep believing him on any issue? He even admitted he has no credibility!
Bob, with Smack's invitation followed me to to continue their childish harrassment campaign against me, and they were quickly called on it.

I don't have the time for all the sites I'm signed up on.

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