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Re: This sailing others peoples boats thing is looking like work

Originally Posted by CalebD View Post
You are a better man than I david.
I blew off sailing today on the Hudson because it would have been just SWMBO and me. Too much work for the skipper IMHO.
Keep your day job.
The guy and his wife seemed pretty fearless so I didn't feel like I could wimp out.

We put in a reef, which he had never done on this boat, so we had to figure it out in 17 kn+. We didn't use the jib much because with the gusts the boat would blow over.

The aloha 34 is very heavy boat though so it was a lot more manageable than I expected.

I was asked to be a co-caption but when I got there I found out that the guy could not handle the shifter and throttle in the right order.

Did not know how to tack or jibe or know what the topping lift was for or the out-haul, reefing etc pretty much no sailing understanding at all.

They were fun to hang out with and he and his wife were completely fearless.
So I have no doubt they will get it eventually.
I am so cautious so it boggles my mind how people just buy a boat and go sailing and know practically nothing. It never ceases to amaze me.

So we spent about a half hour doing back and fill circles with the motor and about three hours doing jibes.
The wind was perfect to let someone know if they did a jibe wrong.

We only were able to get enough upwind speed to do a tack a couple times with just the reefed main up so we concentrated on the jibe.

It took me a while to figure out the topping lift as it was a new system to me. They had the topping lift line run internal in the mast and exit a mast slit about six feet high. I missed it at first as it was so high. At the top of the slit was a smaller slit. The topping lift line had two knots in it. A knot would get caught in the narrow slit and prevent the line from running. You adjusted the topping lift my adjusting which know was caught.
Seemed a little sketchy to me but it sort of worked.

The lesson from the Icarus story is not about human failing.
It is a lesson about the limitations of wax as an adhesive.
If you have an engineering problem solve it.

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