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Re: Old Glory, slightly moldy. What to do?


I don't really mind having my post removed, it's their website, they can do whatever they wish. I was simply instructed to veiw the "Registration terms and use" to see why... funny thing was I had to REALLLLLYYYY stretch to find a rule I had broken, and I'm still not sure i've broken a rule.... and the rule(s) they claim I have broken doesn't seem to exist as of 6:00AM CST 23 September 2013.

I can follow rules, but when they just make one up AFTER THE FACT, it makes it kinda tough to know when i'm walking in a "grey area..."

I have never caused any problems here and will accept them not allowing my post, but as of now, NO ONE knows exactly what rule(s) I broke since the rule(s) they stated DOESN'T/DON'T EXIST!

understand my "quandry?" and if "off topic" is against the rules, there are now about 7 posts on this thread (incuding yours and Mark's) that need to be be removed... just sayin'

your post was unsigned and I didn't realize your "handle" was a "play" on your name, therefor, I used "sir" out of respect. and yes, I do think tearing the "made in China" tag off the flag is disrespectful since it damages the integrity of the flag's manufacture. If someone was to have the stiches removed, then remove the "made in China tag," then re-sew the affected area, I would think that was "respectful." but remeber, THAT is just MY opinion... it's your flag do whatever you wish to it... but do try to remember, there is a little bit of MY blood in those "red" stripes, ok? as well as 2 grandfathers and 3 great grandfathers, and a couple of great uncles (one still burried in France)...

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