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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
I haven't seen a single post from Smack which provides a fraction the information in that post. He provides only disinformation.

The original question was pros and cons of steel sailboats . You interpreted that to mean cons only, no pros allowed( pun intended).
I mentioned the toughness of Gringo , Trismus, Joshua , Pygmalion, etc etc.
No I didn't design or have anything to do with those boats, as you imply. You claim me giving any pros of steel boat amounts to self promotion , as if I were the only person on the planet building or designing steel boats. So would the reverse be true , any criticism of steel boats would amount to self promotion by Bob ( as if he were the only person on the planet designing plastic boats?)
Plastic is the best choice of material for "occasional use "boats , as I have stated many times, but among full time, experienced cruisers ,the percentage of steel boats rises considerably , and many in plastic boats would rather be in steel boats, as was so clearly pointed out in Jimmy Cornell's interviews with circumnavigators in his book "Modern Ocean Cruising."
For long term cruising, I would put more faith in circumnavigators, than in armchair experts, with little or no long term cruising experience, especially those with zero such experience in steel boats .
Almost all advocates of steel boat pros not being allowed in this debate, have one thing in common. Zero steel boat building or long term cruising experience in steel boats.

Hammering on a plastic thru hull, then on a welded in stainless one, is a clear, undeniable demonstration of the relative strengths of each . Those who advocate against testing a plastic one, don't want to know how fragile they are.
Mark would imply that any such test which told us which was strongest, would be "Untruthful" if it didn't say what he wanted it to say.
Ostriches don't burry their heads in the sand to avoid the obvious. People do!

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