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Re: The Art of Washing Clothes Aboard...

Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post
I just want to be clear that my experience with them is second hand knowledge. I have always tried to point that out. So you may be perfectly happy with it. As I said, cost not an object or space, I would have one!

But for $55 bucks, kinda hard to go wrong with the wonderwash too. If you don't like it, toss it off to another cruiser.

Friends of ours sailing a sister ship to ours that are sitting out hurricane season in Trinidad purchased a Little Wonder and report they have been very happy with it. According to them, using only a modest amount of soap and very hot water--a tea kettle's worth from the galley--makes a big difference in terms of cleaning. A hand cranked wringer also comes in handy. Our approach has always been a bit more rudimentary. A black plastic trash bag with a few pounds of dirty clothes, and a gallon or two soapy water, left out in the sun and flopped over and squeezed a few times for several hours seems to get things pretty clean and the water, dumped on the foredeck as the bag is emptied, allows one to give that a scrub as well. We rinse the clothes with our anchor wash-down hose, and then rinse the clothes in a bucket or two of fresh water. Towels are the hardest things to get cleaned and rinsed but with the amount of rain we generally have in Florida during the season, rinsing isn't that much of a problem. We long ago got into using dark blue towels as the dark colors seem to dry relatively more quickly than white and they can be stretched over our Navy Blue sail cover and are pretty much are invisible so that the ship doesn't look like an escapee from the Hooligan Navy.


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