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Re: Pivotal Point - Going Forward

Originally Posted by Omatako View Post
Yeah that would be cool.

They could do that in the NASCAR series too. This week they could go clockwise. Next week the other way. Maybe a figure 8 course could add some excitement. Maybe they could change the grid iron rule. Maybe have them play on a triangle with three teams. But only on dates with even numbers. Maybe for fun they can change Wimbledon to a square court.

Most sports have the same field/court/track/course for every game. The reason the nature of the AC course has changed (no windward starts, beam reach finish, etc) is because the boats that they are racing are not able to bob and weave the way others in history did. A collision of two yachts at 9 knots wouldn't even spill the beer. At closing speeds of potentially 75 knots, a collision will kill a whole lot of people. Even with only one boat involved in an accident, someone died.

If I recall the AC series I watched in 2003 in Auckland, the course was different only inasmuch as it moved from place to place in the Gulf but that that was not to make it different, it was so that the course could actually stay the same. It was changed so that they could still have a windward start, two beats and two runs which used to be classic AC.

AFAIK it has in modern times always been that way. Why would it want to change now?
If you are going to disagree with me, try not to come across and pompous jerk with your "Hey that would be cool (you Idiot).." response attitude. I have no problem with your difference in opinion, just the way you came off in your response, to me at least, as somewhat of jerk.

In response to your these boats can't weave and bob statement, so you you can't have various types of starts comment, I saw Oracle do a 180 deg Turn in 3 boat length at 20+ kts. Seems pretty maneuverable to me.

Building on that, these boats do race downwind and upwind during the race, so why can't you have a suitable start line line set up for this? Were not talking a hoard of OD boats all racing for the line, it's two boats. I have been in several boat races with both types (up/down) starts with a lot more boats without issue.

Also, I am not talking about doing circle , criss-cross, or some other weird set-up course, on odd days, or whatever, I was suggesting you use standard normal sail boat race courses with slight mods, such as upwind start, down wind start, off-sets at the marks, etc.

Having races that are different courses in the series can minimize the strengths of each boat. Boats that do well upwind can take advantage of races with upwind starts or races with more upwind legs. Boats that sail better downwind, similarly on the more down wind leg courses.

As it was in AC34, all races were the same, 2 downwind legs and one upwind leg with a 2 short reaches. Had the there been a boat that was notably faster in the downwind legs, they would have an advantage during the series.

I am all for safety and the death of the sailor was tragic and sad. However, there are risks in everything we do, and just because these boats go faster, doesn't make them any less safe. Yes they go faster, but there are also sailed by the probably some of the best sailors in the world. There competence at the helm and control should minimize the risk compared to Beer Can Racer Joe Sailor.

If you liked my advice/response, give me some rep points. If you didn't......well what do you expect, it was free.
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