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Re: The Future of Boat Ownership

Originally Posted by mad_machine View Post
but many of the youngest generations cannot survive without being completely coupled to their electronic devices.
That was the point NPR was trying to make when it compared the baby boomer generation regarding cars. Today there is no longer any need to leave the house if your connected. Many kids today don't want to leave the house.

I ask my kids friends, want to go fishing? They just look at me like I'm insane.
For the record, my kids don't go out anymore, they need to be connected..
I remember when being connected meant you knew the guy who had the good stash at his house.

Getting back to the topic of sailing/boat ownership, sugar coat it anyway you'd like but sailing/boat ownership is a rich mans sport. Sure many of us make adjustments/sacrifices in our budgets that allow us to enjoy this, but it's not cheap for the average working man or working family.

John E mentioned Sail Time. I personally don't see how that's cheap. You don't have a boat payment or any of the headaches associated with owning a boat but you don't have a boat either. For many of us, boat ownership, working on the boat, just hanging out on boat is what lifts our skirt.

The Boston Sail Time is just shy of 7K a season. That's a lot of cash to flush down the toilet to basically lease a boat for a season that you don't own...

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