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Re: Why buy a brand new $150,000 sailboat?

Originally Posted by MarkofSeaLife View Post
Thats the sort of stuff said by someone without ambition.

Sorry it doesnt wash on me.

Of any place in the world one should look at the USA for the spirit. Only 17% of American millionairs had money to begin with.

The rest made it.

By work.
In this case that sort of stuff statement is made by a person with a seven figure income. Someone who knows what he is talking about.

No ambition? if you knew who i was you would realize how ridiculous that statement is. Do you manage other people's money? because i do. A lot of money! These people actually pay me to do this. let's leave it that I speak from the POV of a money management expert.

We weren't talking about millionaires here. We were talking about, how did you put it- people who should stop spending so much money on drinking and put their noses to the grindstone. And how anybody can afford a boat with just some hard work. That is a falsehood. The average american worker is not a millionaire. If he remains in place on the factory floor no amount of working harder will get him there.

That said, by living small, being careful, and investing smartly he may build a million dollar retirement portfolio by the time he is ready to retire. But that's not what you are talking about.

For that worker to achieve a higher income and net worth they would need to step out from behind the machine press and start their own company or go to school to find a position that pays substantially more than the median wage. Most who start their own companies would fail. It's just the way it is. Those who are successful could possibly achieve financial independence well before normal retirement age. IOW, retire early. Most of both these groups, though wouldn't be in that position. Why? because as their incomes increase it is natural for the lifestyles to become more expensive. The Camry gets traded for a Benz. The 3 bedroom rancher gets upgraded to a 5 bedroom McMansion. 5 days at the shore becomes ten days in Tahiti. And then they buy a $150,000 sailboat and there goes another $1000 a month. And on it goes.

Working to support a high lifestyle the question becomes: Do you own the toys or do they own you?

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