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Re: Why buy a brand new $150,000 sailboat?

Originally Posted by TJC45 View Post
So were are on the same page - I totally agree with you, as long as the buyer enjoyed the boat, that was money well spent. Having a large bank account on your last day on the planet is not the measure of a life well spent. In fact it could be the direct opposite. personally, I agree with buying the boat. Believe me when i say, I've spent so much money on "stuff" i'm the last person to judge how others spend their money!

The point is non judgmental. It is only to point out that there is a lost opportunity cost when we chose to buy things like boats.

As for the math, it's dead on. Even with the Wall Street debacles. They've been accounted for.
TJ, rate of inflation calculators tend to be weighted heavily towards consumables (milk, bread, etc.). According to those calculators a Honda Accord or Chevy Impala should cost around $15K - but we know that's not the case, the average mid-line sedan is $25-$30K optioned out.

If a 30 footer was around $15K in 1975, it was about 5x the cost of the average well equipped sedan. If a well equipped sedan today is 25K-$30K (without arguing the details) then the average 30 footer should be around $125K-$150K and that is pretty much the ballpark.

But I still think the important question here is the philosophical one - and on that we agree.

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