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Re: Beneteau Oceanis 45;I need your help to select right spec for 2yr world cruise pl

[quote=Daniels34;1072305]My wife and I decided to buy a new (or 2012) Beneteau Oceanis 45 to use:[LIST][*]During a 2 year sail trip around the world[*]With wife, 2 kids (3&10) and me[*]We look for a comfortable and safe boat that is relatively fast

I ask your help to select the right specification bearing in mind I have to be able to sail single-handed. Please comment on:
  1. Which sails should we choose? I was thinking: (a) standard 50m2 furing main sail, (b) 50m2 furling genoa (c) kotterfog for heavy winds (d) Beneteau's code 0 and (e) a Parasailor for downwind (suggestions on brand/type are welcome?)
    I'm not sure I can be much help here since I purchased my boat preconfigured. I do have a 140m2 Asymmetrical Spinnaker on order that I plan to use with a top down Furler.
  2. Standard saildrive or POD 90 for easy docking; I am not very experienced and thought the POD 90 was interesting for docking and shallow bays with reefs...
    The POD is an expensive complicated design. I would stick to the standard.
  3. 2 or 3 cabin options; we lean towards 2 cabins as we could use the versatile storage; including for a dishwasher and/or washing machine
    The Oceanis 45 is essentially a 3 cabin design. Opting for the 2 cabin is taking the 3rd cabin and making it slightly more conducive to storage but then losing the basic purpose for which it was designed. You could easily use the 3rd cabin for storage. My main concern is resale value for the two cabin. I looked at a 2 cabin and the dealer was begging me to buy it. I didn't, I bought a 3 cabin, a 2 cabin Oceanis 45 makes absolutely no sense to me. My particular dealer indicated he would never order one in that configuration.
  4. Colour of the hull; we really like a break from white and thought the grey/blue is refreshing; would this be an issue thought whenever repairing any damage?
    There is a Jeanneau 439 in a medium blue docked close to me. I am envious every time I stroll past. Very nice.
  5. Having read many books on ocean crossings all get damaged in Panama canal, busy Malaysian ports etc. anyone who fitted a thick (10cm) rubber barrier all around the boat? (Maybe crazy suggestion and yes would not win in beauty contest)
  6. Electronics; I specced the full Elegance, Electronic and Docking packs. Missing anything?
    I have full electronics.
  7. Navigation; Elegance and Electronic pack incl autopilot and bowthrusters. What does the optional Simrad NSS7 chart table screen add?
    You may consider adding your own Nav Chart Plotter later. I am considering an NSE in the smallest size and then linking it to my TV. The NSS does not have Video Out.
  8. Shallow (1,75m) or normal (2,15) cast iron keel?
    I have the Shallow Keel. For me it is a must have.
  9. Beneteau's Easy Sail worth the money?
    I'm not clear on this option either but it may be the Spinnaker Option that I have. Halyard, blocks, sheets. I would order it.
  10. We thought NOT to spec the generator as this would only use more of the 200 litres diesel; instead we noted that sailors often have to use the main engine when there is no wind to speak of and we look for advice on fitting solar panels...
    I won't purchase a boat without generator. I am also a fan of factory installed equipment. The generator is an important backup. You don't have to use it your diesel supply is limited.
  11. Water; 570litres including optional extra 200litres tank doesn't seem a lot for possibly 20 days continued sailing. Any suggestions if enough? Possible to get another 200litres or so instead of the generator?
    I have the optional 2nd tank which provides a total of 153US Gallons(580 liters). I think it is not a lot but I'm not sure I would sacrifice other space.
  12. We thought not to include a watermaker as it is costly and would use a lot of energy?
  13. Prop; we understand that an autoprop is better that a folding prop. Agree? If so maybe spec the normal SailDrive and keep the prop as a spare?
    I am researching an Autoprop. It seems like the best option since I like to motor sail.
  14. Noted in books that rudders sometimes break in have seas; any thoughts on spares to take or ways to strengthen rudder?
    Not sure I agree with this idea.
  15. Only one electric flush toilet in case we have no electricity, we can still pump flush #2?
    I have Sailvac, but understand your thinking.
  16. Radar: Simrad 4G as offered any good? Will it warn us at night loud enough about a ship closeby?
    Not sure yet but I do have radar. Having now sailed at night I do appreciate it since charts are not always accurate with buoy location. The Radar is effective at showing actual location.
  17. Are the electronic navigation maps expensive to obtain? Any thoughts on second hand/older maps to buy?
    No experience yet.
  18. Where do we best buy our paper back-up maps?
    I buy Maptech folding maps in the States. Not sure what is available on your side of the pond.
  19. TV 26" with antenna is a EUR 3000 option; seems a lot and do you get any reception anyway? Anyone fitted their own Samsung LED?
    I purchased a Vizeo 32" LED. It actually is not that big and uses less than 35 watts. 250 Euros?? The Antenna is more challenging but it is about $500(EUR 350??) for a rigger to install. EUR 3000 is outrageous. You can order with just the antenna. Still a little pricey but not outrageous(EUR 600??)

Sorry for all the questions, it would help me a lot if even you could answer 1-2. Have been reading LOTS and like to get the spec right straight away

Have already got a Suzumar DS320 with 6bhp Suzuki outboard

I have an 8 hp Yamaha. Way too big. I'm looking for a 2.5hp four stroke.
Still need to buy sailing outfits, maybe an emergency raft? Any other thoughts are welcome!
Consider an emergency raft that will fit in the rear area behind the fold down transom.
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