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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Steel might be nice. Time and money not so much. I would love a well built steel boat. Better yet aluminum, maybe SS. ? The $ factor rules ! Wood is nice also but look at the upkeep. Plastic is the bang for the buck despite its drawbacks it has the lead.
Would I sleep ok with most average welders that can run a bead not a chance.
The skill set needed to finish a steel boat is likely to be beyond the reach of the average Joe. Even if you can learn to be a proficient welder before you start the project who is going to qc and who is going to x-ray One more skill to hire out. Even if I weld it a few of the joints will need to have a few x-ray shots in critical areas No one is perfect no material is perfect I say this with over 300+ x-ray pipe welds on just this last job site. Will my next one be good? I pray it will. I can not tell you 100%
Plastic also rules in pipe. It is less expensive. Skill level to install is much lower. Is better? I think you need to look at the end use.
If the average Joe just started to install Steel I beams and then put pipe in his rack and run electric, in the cable trays it would scare me to be near it.
I am enjoying this thread. Lets be nice skip the insults.
I would like to see some kind of cost spread sheet I will give way and say you need a range. Even plastic has a range depending on who makes this 36 foot boat. Raw material should have a cost range and grade. This is true for plastic wood or metal Grade it Price it for us please. I could get a idea just by the tonnage ?
Kind Regards, Lou

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