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Re: Useful Stuff--Finger Nail Polish Bottles

Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post
Great idea! Thanks for sharing. But i can see a potential problem for you: what happens if the Mrs. sees one of your bottles laying around and applies to her nails? I dont think that will come off with fingernail polish remover. Sand paper might do the trick or an angle grinder. The implications of suggesting it to the wife might be hazardous to your health though.

Just watching out for ya my friend!!

Thanks for the note Brian but (A) I don't leave stuff lying around when I've done with it as does my wife and/or daughter and (B) the colors would be too bland for her, although she did actually try to use some of my Helmsman Spar Varnish Gloss to repair a damaged nail while we were staying at St. Charles YC a year of two ago. Frankly, it didn't look that bad, or at least, much different from some of the other stuff she's used and it would have been a lot less costly! It did come off with Nail Polish Remover which really is nothing more than acetone with some glycerin added.

FWIW, an old fashioned Ink Eraser will often prepare a small scratch or ding in wood-work well enough for a touch-up job.

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