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Re: How to report AIS violations?

Originally Posted by cupper3 View Post
COLREGS are not trivial. There are parts of the world (England) that will fine you if you are not following them and that 11,000 tonne freighter reports you because you caused him or another ship to alter course because you did not do what was expected.

As I wrote earlier, if your altering course impacts other traffic who thought you would follow COLREGS correctly, and they then have to alter course as a result, you may well hear a lot of resentment on the VHF.

If the area is a channel which the vessels are restricted by draught or in a narrow channel and you are less than 20 meters, then of course they are stand on. However, Rule 9 does not negate Rule 13, overtaking.
They're restricted by draft in a channel; I'm required to stay out of the way.

Outside a narrow channel, if I see a ship or barge headed my way I'll make a clear course change that moves me AWAY from a point of possible collision such that my intentions are clear. If I'm even remotely close I'll hail them on 13 and let them know my intentions.

Common Sense:
Stay the hell away from something that is huge, can't stop or steer very well in close quarters, may not see you and can surely kill you.

Is there really something to debate here??????

I'm just glad I don't have to deal with ship traffic where I sail now...

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