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Re: Composting Toilets vs. Holding Tank

I looked up the article you referenced and found this quote:

"Hill believes one of the problems is that liquid and solid waste are not separated at source. As a result of mixing the two before the urine is screened out, he says ammonia in the feces rises to levels that cannot support the micro-organisms needed for the composting process."

This makes total sense in a public park where there is no chance of teaching people how to use the facilities.

In your own boat if you are a guy you have to sit so your pee stream goes in the pee bottle.
The boat devices are designed for separation, that is what makes them work.

I have no personal experience, a little more searching will net you many commends from people that love them and hate them.

Pros: Simple and saves space.
Most people say the odor is less than with a holding tank even though a perfectly operating tank has no odor either.
I think the concept is that

Cons: You are dealing with a pee bottle every couple of days, most people just dump it overboard.
They sit a little higher
You have to have someplace to keep a spare 5gal pail of stuff to age before you dump it.
You have to have peat or other stuff to mix in.

In short is is very different. Neither solutions is without issues.
Hoses, pumpouts, joker valves, clogs etc
peatmoss, pee bucket, aging bucket, bucket disposal.

Many people that have the nature type heads love them, a few do not.
Pooping seems to be a personal issue in more than one way.

If you over use it it, more than the number of people expected it can be a real mess.
Over using a holding tank means you have to pump more often which can be a mess if you forget, don't ask how I know.

In any event any issues in a public park have no bearing at all on your 27' boat.

The lesson from the Icarus story is not about human failing.
It is a lesson about the limitations of wax as an adhesive.
If you have an engineering problem solve it.
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