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Re: Composting Toilets vs. Holding Tank

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
I'm thinking you won't throw too many parties aboard a C27. However, one downside to a composter is instructing a guest to use it, particulalrly a landlubber. 99% will find it gross.
Hmmm, not sure what you mean Minn. Have you used one? There's nothing very odd or gross about it. The only real difference is men have to sit. And you have to open the trap door. Everything else happens as-per normal.

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
The irony to me is I don't find them all that more environmentally friendly. Tossing partially decomposed turds in the dumpster doesn't seem right to me and pouring urine overboard is simply illegal in non-discharge areas.
Absolutely agree! Raw excrement should never end up in the landfill, and that includes all those people who dump filled diapers, or dog crap into the garbage stream. If you can't fully compost the waste (which takes ~3 months I've read) then it should be dumped out at sea, just like a normal marine head (once you're out past legal limit). Either that or should be dumped on land away from human activity, buried in a shallow hole.
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