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Re: Galley Oven

Originally Posted by nkamper View Post
How much do the gas canisters run for this stove? You could end up spending less up front but way more in the long run if you are using small disposable canisters. Don't know if this is the case, but if they are disposable then that becomes another issue too. I think there's probably a good reason that the marine industry settled on the choices that they did. Just something else to consider.
Well I doubt you would ever live long enough to make up the difference in price in propane. It is going to cost at least two grand to install propane oven and system to ABYC standards in order to make the insurance company happy. But I think the safety factor is the real issue. The canisters are just plain unsafe in the cabin. I could see a single burner that you keep outside the cabin for occasional weekend use, but if you want to actually cook then a properly set up system is in order. You basically have four choices, a propane system, non pressurized alcohol, kerosene or diesel system (going down in popularity). I think the Orgo non pressurized stoves are expensive but a real option as install costs are very low. Basically they will bolt in place where ever the electric stove was, if it physically fits. A proper Marine propane system will cook the most like a home stove, and is very continent, and safe if all systems are working and monitored. Kero and diesel systems are a bit more limited in availability, but have there advocates.

Does anyone make a CNG system anymore? Seems to have the advantage of cooking like propane, but safer (gas rises). One would think with all the supply of natural gas it should be becoming more available. Seems in the North East at least many marinas offer exchange tanks, but I have heard complaints of trying to get fuel for them. That brings up a big issue, make sure you check local availability of the fuel where you plan on being.

To play devils advocate I have heard mixed things about these stoves. There are several reviews of folks using them on the Sailfar forum. Some like them, others seem to have had issues with them not being very reliable for frequent use. But saying that I could not recommend using one on a boat, and that is a nice boat and deserves a proper setup. I assume you are planning on keeping it for a while.

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