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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
Oh yeah, I guess I should warn you:
This is not a simple Brent style one seam cut origami hull. This is "advanced origami" with three longitudinal cuts per side and two vertical cuts per side. The longl. cuts are quite a bit longer than Brent's. They go to just short of the ends. I just can't get enough control of the shape with one cut. It's more welding work but more control. I am determined not to let the method dictate the shape. But I have it "smashed out", i.e. unfolded so it can all be cut from one flat sheet per side. It looks really strange flattened out.

I could post the smashed version but I'm not sure I want to give away all my treasure yet. I'd hate to have someone run off and start cutting while we are still playng with the basic design.
Nice shape! Looks a bit tippy, but when I dropped the seat 3 1/2 inches in mine, the stability increased greatly. You only need it high enough to kepo your butt out of the bilge water.
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