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Reptiles, bugs and boats and florida?

Ahoy troyaux, AARRHH ye just had to go and spoil a perfectly good first passage in Big Reds Pirate fleet didn''t ya? Hope yer mistake wit Punta Gorda dosen''t cost ye too much. You won''t find big red up river in the flats of that ye can be sure. I ain''t the kind of capt''n to be puttin any unnecessary fears upon me crew so I was willing to let ye critters question lie on me deck. But since ye seem to have found some nerve I''l tell ye. The place is infested wit all manner of creepy crawling and slithering varmits ,all out for ye blood. Aye ther be gators in most every canal , seen a whole nest of em swimming up river towards Punta Gorda and they looked mighty hungry. The sharks is scooling outside the pass just a waiting for ye errent toe being dipped in the de water. AARRHH dem snakes be the worst in the mangroves and under the bushes ,mostly north of Cape Coral as the Pirate has drove em out!! Keep yer eye peeled for the Pigmy rattler as his pint size belies his bite. Hunreeds each year get bit whats loosing a finger or arm to the sneaky devils! Aye the fire ants be as big as cats and somtimes swarm aboard to snuggle on yer warm motor. Palmetto bugs as big as a fist fly from the palms seeking a sleepy ear to lay thier eggs!! I was sittin in me cockpit the other day in my usual stupor feeling kinda weak when I noticed a mosquito lying on the deck his belly so full it looked like a water ballon ready to burst with two quarts of me blood. I snatched em up and shoved his needle back in me arm and squeezed the life out of him and back into me. Aye be the most god alwful place to be alive to be sure. The rats near the canals can chew through yer dock lines in minutes and iffin they get on your vessel (an they will) i advise you for feed em as they will most certinaly feed on you!! Be extra cautous wher yer step in the water as the barnacles and oysters can cut yer feet off and laugh at ye wiles they doin it. Aye tis a hard place for the soft skin of the newcommers whats attracts em me thinks. Avast ther ye bildge rat ye got yer answer true ,now that yer here ain''t notting to do .Big Red 56 the Pirate of Pine Island.
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