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Re: New Honda 2.3 outboard not running


As for ethanol being to blame, I think mfrs should be able to make a product that functions on the fuels available rather than make a product for which there is no correct fuel in existence. I mean, ethanol is not exactly new and I have no other motors, from my weed whacker to my lawn tractor, etc. that have had any ethanol related problems after years of ethanol use without even an additive. I am sorry, but I don't fall for this blame game and so not only is this my first Honda product, it is my last. Thanks to the tech for supplying the diagrams though so maybe I can try to get mine running and sell it next season.[/QUOTE]

Governments mandate ethanol for political reasons. In the US they require health warnings and otherwise discourage the use of tobacco products. They also subsidize farmers that grow tobacco.

The gov't mandates fuel economy standards. They also mandate the use of a fuel that lowers fuel economy.

As a Vietnam veteran we destroyed villages to save them.

We also baptized native Americans before we killed them.

I think that Honda is doing its best. I have had the problems as a mechanic ever since the gov't began to think for us. The problem is also in Fords, Willys Mercurys, and Stihs and assorted weed eaters.. Clean out the old fuel as well as you can. Fortunetly the gum left by the ethanol usually can be washed out with hot soapy dishwater.

Honda, and the other manufacturers have to meet EPA requirements also. These requirements may have little to do with practicality.

Consider that the more problems that the government makes for the people the more secure are the jobs and fiefdoms for those that help solve our problems.

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