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Re: Frequency of Changing Oil & Fuel Filters

Awesome argument.
By your logic people should continue smoking cigarettes because we have heard of people who lived to be 100 and smoked 2 packs a day. The problem with that logic is obvious, but i feel compelled to explain it. Engines running synthetic have more protection during and after remaining idle. They have less resistance throughout it's temperature range and are much more stable during overheat situations and therefore are more capable of protecting your engine in the event of an overheat, and remain more fluid in cold conditions. Because they allow for less friction, they create less heat which in turn creates less material stress and prevents material breakdown. Because the engine turns more easily it actually improves fuel economy, which i recognize is not of great importance to someone who puts 20 hours a year on the engine, but it could become an issue down the road. My car and van all have over 400k on them and although there are many other things which could go wrong, the fact that i have synthetic in them increases my odds of not suffering cylinder and ring wear, valve stem wear, sludge and other material wear. It's better than mineral oil, it's smarter than mineral oil and that is indisputable.
I also have customers with huge hours on their mineral oil run engines but there were a lot more boats built than i get to see in any given marina, but they are far and few between, and if all the other people who owned engines could have saved their engines by spending $10 more a year or two, i suspect the majority of them would have elected to.
Your objection to a vastly better product is confusing to me and your claim that engines with synthetics would die at 50k is weird and smells like bull@#%$. Oh wait, that's because it is bull@#%$. You don't want to use it, who cares? But why you would deter other people from electing to use it only fills the void in you. You are not doing them any favours.
Please, i won't engage you anymore on this topic, no matter how inflammatory you get, but i encourage you to use your time researching research, done by smart people, used by smart people.
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