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Re: Tartan(s), Sabre, Pearson(s), C&C(s), Catalina(s) - "Chesapeake Draft"

Went and looked at a Sabre 34 MKI today in Annapolis. Very nice boat, but I don't think it hit the "love it" button after being on a Pearson 34 (83-86) not the 34-2. Nicely made, that's obvious, but felt almost the same size and layout as my P30. P30 beam is 9.5' and the Sabre is 10.5, but the benches looked smaller. This one had a suspicious bow that had a redone painted on non-skid (looked like Interlux) on the entire bow, and the rest of the non-skid was the diamond pattern. The bow felt "soft and squeaked", so think it's moist. Boat has been on the hard for 3 years. I'm sure it would be nice, but since it didn't seem much different from the P30, don't see the reason to change to the Sabre MKI if it doesn't feel much different (and this one had a redone floor/core, bilge was nasty/oily, and the windows obviously leaked (big stains, that were brownish from the obvious re-do of the teak (stained or sanded bare, but not sealed......they said). You'd think you would at least want it to show better if you were selling it.
Contacted the surveyor who did the survey on the Michigan P34 CB 2 years ago. Also called about the Baltimore P34 (5'11" fin) just because it's close by and maybe I can get on it while the Sabre 34 memory is fresh and really compare the "feel".
I'd like to get on board a P33-2 and compare the feel of that one too.
@Mr. F - since you have a 5'11 fin (or 5'9) and I can't go that high, would you still be willing to let me come visit and get a feel?
Found out the marina I'm at (behind the RR bridge in Perryville, MD) will have a limit, on average, of 50' air from DWL. It was a very low tide yesterday and the bridge had 53-54' of clearance.
Problem: Pearson 34 is 48.75' (add 3' antenna)=51.75'; Sabre is about 50' with antenna, so is P33-2 give or take.
That means I am limited to low tide departures and arrivals - and I absolutely don't want to have to work around that again. Where I was last year, I couldn't sail on low tide with 5' draft. Now, it might be different marina and RR bridge. One reason I like the CBs is the draft, so may have to go back to last years marina (no height issues).
These limiters really mess up my sailing time, since I have to go when I can (driven by a 4 year old and her schedule!) and work.
Still waiting for the Insurance turkeys.

Best Regards, Rob
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