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Re: Frequency of Changing Oil & Fuel Filters

Originally Posted by Ahoyhoy View Post
I wouldn't expect a company like Westerbeke to give two shits about people wanting to extend the life of their engines if it meant they had to spend money to do the research.
Why do we need to resort to foul language in a legitimate discussion about engine lubes. What I quoted, and you responded to, was written by the engine manufacturer, not me, yet you dismiss them as giving two XXXX's about their customers and accuse them of not doing their research a statement for which you have no factual basis....

Originally Posted by Ahoyhoy View Post
Awesome argument.
By your logic people should continue smoking cigarettes because we have heard of people who lived to be 100 and smoked 2 packs a day.
Now you've gone and related Westebeke's statement into my "logic", an insult and personal attack. You also insinuated that using conventional oils is equivalent to smoking cigarettes?

Originally Posted by Ahoyhoy View Post
Your objection to a vastly better product is confusing to me and your claim that engines with synthetics would die at 50k is weird and smells like bull@#%$. Oh wait, that's because it is bull@#%$.
Here we go again with the foul language all based on a misunderstanding of what I actually said.

Originally Posted by Ahoyhoy View Post
You don't want to use it, who cares?
Another misrepresentation. I never said I did not want to use it, you did. I had simply related manufacturer information, based on your suggestion to use synthetics and EXTEND THE OIL CHANGE INTERVALS.

Originally Posted by Ahoyhoy View Post
But why you would deter other people from electing to use it only fills the void in you. You are not doing them any favours.
You are so far off of what I actually said, it is not even funny. I never deterred anyone from using synthetics. I only took issue to the extension of oil change intervals, which you suggested folks could do.. I also asked a very legitimate questions that was never answered. That as "Is it necessary for the average life folks use their engines?".

Originally Posted by Ahoyhoy View Post
Please, i won't engage you anymore on this topic, no matter how inflammatory you get,
I never got inflammatory at all.

Originally Posted by Ahoyhoy View Post
but i encourage you to use your time researching research, done by smart people, used by smart people.
Is this a personal attack on me because I quoted Westerbeke and asked a legitimate question? Was this an insinuation that I am not a "smart person"..? Sure seems like a personal level dig to me...

You have no information as to what I have read on this subject (over the last 30+ years) or to what my sciences background is, yet because I quoted a manufacturer, and asked "is it necessary?" you automatically make the dig that synthetics are only used by "smart people". Does this mean that Cummins, Toyota etc. are not "smart" when it comes to their own oil change interval recommendations..? We know how you feel about Westerbeke but you specifically mentioned Cummins, so I included their position on oil change interval extensions from A Cummins TSB.

I would appreciate it if you could forward us a manufacturer that suggests and allows oil change intervals to be extended when synthetics are used. This is the part I took issue with, not the use of synthetics other than to ask the question, "is it necessary?". It would be nice to know which manufacturers suggest it is okay to extend oil change intervals.

I don't doubt they are out there, but I can't seem to find one as of yet. You insinuate you've done more reading on this than I have so perhaps you have this list of manufacturers that include wording about extending oil change intervals with synthetics? It would be good for all of this to know this because if we can, and the engine maker allows for this, it could reduce costs..

No manufacturer excludes synthetics that meet appropriate specifications for the engine. I never, ever suggested that they do, NEVER. Synthetics are better lubes, I never said otherwise, and in fact very early on stated they were better lubes..

I only asked; "Is this level of lubrication "necessary" to adequate engine life?"

This entire discussion started and has been around your suggestion to extend oil change intervals so can we please stick to that discussion? Can we please get a list of manufacturers that allow interval extension when synthetic lubes are used?

Originally Posted by Ahoyhoy View Post
My apologies Sabreman. I start to lose my temper with passive aggressive people who make it their business to sling rhetoric around and plant misintention on others. I just don't know what he has to gain robbing people of reason.
Originally Posted by Ahoyhoy View Post
I think my last post was appropriately deleted for having implied that Main Sail/SickCat... well, i wasn't very nice. I was right, but clearly inappropriate.
I find it sad that you need to resort to name calling by referring to me as a "SickCat" and suggesting I am passive aggressive or "robbing people of reason".

You may want to read what I write on these forums, and look at how I have consistently behaved here, over the last 10+ years, before calling me a passive aggressive or by name calling me a "SickCat".

Now can we continue to have a good discussion on lubrication without swearing, deleted posts, personal level attacks and insults?

This is a great topic and would love to discuss it further.

-Maine Sail / CS-36T

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