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Re: Frequency of Changing Oil & Fuel Filters

Originally Posted by Maine Sail View Post

Now can we continue to have a good discussion on lubrication without swearing, deleted posts, personal level attacks and insults?

This is a great topic and would love to discuss it further.
FWIW one of our marina neighbors with a 4-108 such as ours, with somewhat fewer hours than ours (3450+) was convinced by some wizard or another that he would be better off using synthetic oil than the Rotella 15-40 oil he had been using since the engine was new. As anyone that has owned one knows, the 4-108 is prone to some oil seepage (which I believe is characteristic of almost all English engines). It's never very much and relatively unimportant, just somewhat inconvenient and a bit sloppy. N'any case, friend yachtsman used synthetic at his next oil change, against the advice of several of his neighbors--me included, choosing to rely instead on supposed wizard at Auto Zone/Discount Auto or wherever. The long and the short is than within a few running hours his engine was hemorrhaging oil into his engine pan which he only discovered when the engine began to "sound weird". So, after the rebuild, he's back to using Rotella 15-40, changed annually or every 100 hours, whichever comes first. Rather a costly, "I told you so" (which I thought but never said aloud), eh?

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