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Re: Frequency of Changing Oil & Fuel Filters

"But if you want to use the synthetic and spend more money and then replace it less in order to SPEND THE SAME AMOUNT go ahead."
And who changes your oil for you, wee little elves in the middle of the night?
To me an oil change consumes at least 1/2 hour of my time, draining it out, pouring it in, cleaning up the spills, dumping the old oil someplace, buying new oil and stockpiling it or making the extra trip (add more time), so saving half the oil changes liberates at least a half hour of my time, probably closer to an hour.
And then there are also half as many spills or cleanups. If you think you are only saving ten bucks on oil, or twenty bucks on oil and a filter, you're doing the math wrong.

Then there's the engine itself. I started using Mobil1 back in the mid-0's when it was a radical new product available from no one else. That's because I saw the engine tear-down pictures of commercial fleet engines run on premium motor oil versus synthetic. Take off the valve cover, and the best motor oils you can buy still will leave it coated with tar and coke. Some of that flakes off, and now you've got an oil failure when it plugs an orifice. Same engines, same use, with full synthetic oil? There's no coke, no tar, no blockages.

You don't need a lab to see obvious differences that can literally make or break an engine. But hey, if you want to spend the same amount of money using an obsolete product and consuming twice as much of your time and effort......Isn't that really the way it works out when you do it twice as often? You're not saving anything! And, you're creating twice as much waste in the recycling stream, for the filters and the oil alike.
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