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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by Bob142 View Post
Jeff did an amazing job of sorting out the pros and cons of this thread…I’d like to make an attempt to sort out the thread drift part…Sort the philosophy from the school yard stuff…I see this forum composed of three groups… the 7 figure people don’t seem to be present so that leaves the 6 figure people, the 4 and 5 figure people and probably the largest group would be the dreamers who are silently lurking and trying to learn what they can before jumping in to sailing and owning…
There is a lot of comment and advice given about the high cost of sailing and a lot of fear spreading about the dangers…there are a few voices with practical help…
I don’t see Brent as a ( Eco-warrior ) save the planet type…He is well aware that the planet looks after itself …it covered the Egyptians with sand and the Mayans and Incas with jungle…What he is doing is telling the dreamers that it is possible to enjoy the world while they can and to cause the least possible damage …
He says and has proven it by living it that a lot of money isn’t needed to become a sailor but that you have to strike a balance between Form and Function with most of the weight on the Function … If your priority is Form you become a ( Marina Queen) (his term ) and yes it is expensive…His main objective seems to be to offer a practical alternative to the dreamers and not to convince the established sailors that his is the right way or the only way…From his experience he advises that there are dangers and that some of them can be minimized …one way is a steel boat… that if you go up on a reef or lee shore, and none of us are immune to this, a wood boat or a Tupperware one will last less then an hour…He doesn’t say that his boats are better but that the frameless method gives advantages…similar to the strength that an eggshell has…He sells his plans cheap and lives simply…
I have a lot of respect for Bob… He fills a need … there are a lot of people that wouldn’t be sailing if he didn’t make pretty boats…and I personally enjoy looking at any form of art work…I like that he isn’t stuck in the Form mode… he changes and adapts…this latest project the emphasis is on Function, the ability to be drug over the rocks and the weight factor…He is balancing this with the Form it is better if it looks good and he is using the origami method…

That’s the best that I got…
Bob - if he said it the way you said it above, there would be absolutely no problem at all.

The problem is - what you say he says, and what he actually types are two completely different things.

That said, if you want to interpret what he types the way you have - that's fine. It's just that most people don't see it the way you do - regardless of the number of figures in their bank account.

I see he liked your clarification, so maybe everything you said is what he means to say, but just doesn't have the communication skills to do so. That would explain a lot of things.

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