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Re: Real Cost

Xort, that 50k/year was about where I figured including everything else and a boat payment for doing it today. If I call it 100k in 20 years (little more then 3% inflation) If i can make 5% above inflation in "retirement" that's around 2million. A surprisingly easy number to meet actually when given 20 years and... good returns.

unimacs, I think planning out 20-25 years is good enough right now, I can wait on figuring out what to do at 90.

Sal, I currently have an 06 Sprint ST. I'll post a picture at some point when I'm not at work. And I drove a GTI... nice car, not my thing. Drive a Saab 9-3 now, so along the same lines kinda sorta.

Mad, saddly it will be a liquid cooled one. However for no better reason then it's a 911 I don't expect the value to take a total plumit any time soon. Making it actually not half bad of an "investment" as far as cars go. As to getting a starter boat, anything that I don't leave in the water would require me to move and get a truck. Both of which screw with the long term plan based on the increased cost. There is a sailing club in town though with smaller boats that I plan on joining. Heck at the price there it isn't worth owning.
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